Mobile Medicine Outreach
Mobile Medicine Outreach
Serving the homebound patients of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties since 1997


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Services for Everyone

Care and treatment is provided by physicians who specialize in the delivery of in-home medical care. Utilization of the same medical equipment found in hospital emergency rooms and conventional medical offices. Treatment, medication, lab work and diagnostic testing are done in home.

Services for Home Health Agencies

  • Home health recertification
  • Immediate access to the patient's physician and staff
  • Coordination for specialist's
  • DME ordering

Services for Physicians

Mobile Medicine Outreach can assist you in staying in control of who treats your patients.
We can see your patients in their homes to maintain medical coverage and ensure appropriate specialty follow-up with your office.

  • Treatment, medication, lab work and diagnostic testing done in the home
  • Medication compliance
  • Pre-Operative physicals
  • Labs
  • Coordination of all required care such as DME, Home Health, Hospice, physical therapy, EKG and pulmonary function, Radiology

In-Home Medical Treatment

Mobile Medicine Outreach Medical Group links physicians to patients who may be homebound, disabled, frail or receiving hospice care. Our clients include primary care physicians, board and care facilities, and home health agencies.

Services for Board and Care

Mobile Medicine Outreach will treat your guests in your facility.

  • Medical Management
  • Laboratory, EKG, Pulmonary Function
  • Psychiatry, Podiatry, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Hospice
  • Medication Renewals
  • Board and Care Licensing physician forms completed
  • After office hours on-call doctor available